Spotify is undoubtedly the most dominant streaming service in the world. It has near to 300 million users and grows with arbout 20.000 new songs everyday.

apple music distribution

iTunes / Apple Music

With more than more than 50 million songs Apple’s subscription music service is the biggest music library in the world. iTunes sells more music downloads than all other digital retailers combined.

Meta Distribution


Facebook and Instagram. Globally known social media platforms owned by Meta Platforms. We can deliver your music to Facebook Music (which includes Instagram Stories and Reels)

tiktok distributor

Tik Tok

Bytedance owned popular mobile software application “TikTok” enables users to create, edit, save, access and share short form videos that may include clips of a single sound recording

Youtube Music Distributoion

YouTube Music

YouTube Music (Also called YouTube Red) is YouTube ‘s music subscription service where you can listen to music ad-free and using its own unique music browser and the Youtube Music App

And Many More

Resso Bitaran


Resso is a music streaming and social media service by China-based technology company ByteDance  Resso is currently offering Ad-Supported as well Premium Service streaming in India & Indonesia .